Anna Zawadzka-Lewandowska Legal Office is consistently engaged in a variety of complex and high profile deals regarding different areas of expertise with special interest in Intellectual Property Law. We have extensive experience in advising for high technology companies operating as telecommunication providers, programming, infrastructure maintenance, designers and similar services.
Our mission is to provide our Clients with outstanding legal advise which drive our Clients to maximum level of their revenues and legal security. We achieve our goals by understanding and caring about our Clients' business and help them to develop and succeed.
As experts, particularly in Intellectual Property Law, Telecommunication and Media area, we are proactive with our Clients, anticipating their needs and providing solutions which are timely, clear and pragmatic and are based on best international practice, especially US solutions.
In order to fulfill our Clients’ requirement to receive complex legal support we create also separate team which focus on commercial law, civil law, labour disputes, litigation and real estate. Thanks to such complexity, we are able to support all legal needs designed by our Clients.
We strongly believe that our offer would meet every need you have. We cooperate with public notary, translators and IP experts. All members of our team fluently speak English, majority of them- German or French.